PreSonus Eris E5 Studio Monitor Review

You have probably heard already that the PreSonus Eris series are the best you can find. This is true especially if you are looking for a budget set of studio monitors. Regardless of what you are looking for exactly, the Eris E5 might be good for you because it is basic and yet, offers a lot of great features you won’t be able to find easily. This is exactly the reason why we must take a closer look at all of the most important aspects of these amazing studio monitors.

We all know that the Eris series got their fame because of the great performance they offer at the very reasonable price range. For example, all of the Eris products are great, but the E5 comes as the best-balanced one you can possibly find. And yet, it is very reasonably priced. So, without further ado, here is everything you must know about it.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Crisp sound
  • They pack a good punch and great clarity


  • They are a bit small

Design of Eris E5

It isn’t far from true to make the statement that if you have seen one Eris product from PreSonus, you have seen all of them. The design frame coming in each of these products is very similar although they are different models from the manufacturer. However, there are things that make them different in other ways. For example, what you can find in the E5 and you cannot in the other models is the section of front firing slotted ports.

This, of course, affects the design and the aesthetic of the studio monitor. Also, it makes a great impact on the speaker dynamics and the overall quality. Of course, it is a good improvement and it is exactly why you should consider having it. After all, if you are looking for something good and functional, the E5 is definitely one of the ways to go.

Design-wise, we must mention that the construction is good and sturdy which also makes it durable. Additionally, aesthetically, you should know that this simple design is an excellent fit almost everywhere. Regardless of what the surrounding will be like, these sound monitors are a good fit.

Having said all of that, you know that there still are the woven drivers and the black MDF cabinets. Also, there are the back-lit PreSonus logos on both of the studio monitors. From an aesthetic point of view, Eris E5 are the type of speakers that will seamlessly fit in almost all environments.

Talking about their size, they are chunkier. However, they are very to work with compared to other studio monitors. This is because of their simple design of the cabinets. Obviously, PreSonus made it their goal to achieve performance rather than aesthetics. Luckily, they succeeded so we will talk about that subject a bit more.

Features of the E5

When we talk about the hardware of the E5, we must mention several things. Firstly, the power output. You probably know that other brands offer from 40-50 Watts. However, here is where PreSonus did their best. Namely, they made the E5 in a way that it features 70 Watts of RMS. If we take into consideration that there are a 5.25 woven Kevlar driver and a 1” silk dome tweeter, you’d be impressed. After all, this configuration speaks for itself. It offers an excellent experience to the user and it improves the overall performance.

Additionally, the Erin E5 features a built-in crossover. Asides from the mighty power, this crossover kicks in right around 3kHz. In the end, this results in having the e5 be a bit oriented towards Mids.

Just like other speakers, the E5 also has a great variety of room acoustic controls. Namely, by getting the E5, you get Hf and MF trims, Acoustic Space as well as Low Cut controls. It seems that PreSonus wants to challenge its competition, this is why they go a bit further than them. In the end, this resulted with a great product like the Erin E5 – powerful, yet versatile. It has almost anything you can possibly ask for.

General performance of the Erin E5

This, of course, is the most important thing to consider before you make your purchase. The E5 has a large design and they have what some would call a beefy nature. These monitors are simply everything a person with recording knowledge would possibly ask for. On the same subject, we must mention other things. For example, PreSonus’ E5 studio monitors are well balanced and they can offer the best transparency you can possibly imagine across the range.

Although, in some cases, they have a tendency of showing slight bias. However, don’t be worried because this bias doesn’t have an effect on the overall mixing and recording experience. In their segment, these studio monitors are probably the flattest you can possibly find. In the end, this results in getting a lot more benefits compared to other similarly-priced studio monitors. So, this basically makes them a great investment too.

Also, we have to talk about how to position them. Those who have used them already know that it is very easy to position them. This is because they have front firing ports for when you are adjusting the output to connect with your spatial needs. Of course, you might need to take some time to dial it in properly, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Also, quality-wise, you should know that the trebles are very rich and warm. On the other hand, the mids have a tendency of being tight and filled with girth. The E5 also controls the thunder on the lower ends too. So, in the end, we would conclude that this studio monitor is almost a great fit if you don’t want to invest too much. After all, it has versatile features and it offers impeccable performance. It is an investment you won’t regret making.


It is always a good choice to invest in a home recording studio if you like those things. But when you do, it is very important to be careful and get a product you will be happy to have and use. Luckily, the E5 is an excellent choice for almost anyone.

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