Numark M6 Review

Numark is a well-known brand for producing high-quality DJ equipment. They are famous for their sleek design, responsive operation, interactive control surface and great performance in their products. Their products are revolutionary and offer high-quality performance for beginners or professional DJs. Mixers from this brand are the perfect combination of the classic, smooth feeling and cutting-edge technology that leads to extra performance. The Numark M6 USB DJ mixer is just one of the many great mixers this brand offers. In this Numark M6 review, we have reviewed all the pros and cons of the Numark M6 USB DJ mixer. This DJ mixer is something that you will want to use, and at the same time, you will get it for a very attractive price. We just had to put it on our list of best DJ mixers!

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numark m6 mixer review

Numark M6 review

The Numark M6 mixer has more pros than cons. As pros, we can mention the number of channels – which is 4. Many entry-level mixers have only 2 channels, so this mixer is definitely better deal. Microphone input, great price, and master control are also just a few of the many advantages, that when compared to its disadvantages, like crossfader problems and missing effects, are obviously much more.

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USB Connectivity

This Numark mixer which is the subject of this Numark M6 review, is different from the other products the brand offers by its key feature, its USB connectivity. If you want to connect it to your Mac or PC, with its plug-and-play functionality, you can easily mix audio from the music-player software. Besides that, you will be able also to record your tracks directly on your connected device. With the 4 channels that this mixer is offering, you can have multiple sources of music. Coming up at a very affordable price, for such great features, this DJ mixer is definitely a good deal.

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numark m6 review

Great price

This mixer comes up at an affordable price. If you are a beginner, or just want to have fun, then this is a great mixer to start with. Also, for such a price you receive nice features and options.

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Simple controls is another good feature of this Numark M6 mixer. You have easy and convenient access to controls for each desk, and also for the master control and the crossfader. As a disadvantage we can mention here the button quality, which may not be the best, but yet is functional. Another disadvantage to be mentioned is its weight and size, so this mixer is bigger and heavier than similar mixers. So if you need a more portable mixer, you should consider buying another.

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numark m6

If you decide on buying this mixer, you get also other great features such as four input channels, that offer 3-band EQs and LED metering. Also, you can use the multiple inputs feature (line, microphone, phono). Dedicated XLR mic channel, and plus mic input on channel 4 can also be useful features. The Numark M6 crossfader is replaceable, and you can assign any channel you want to any side of the crossfader.

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Final words

If you are a beginner that wants to start with a good DJ mixer, that will offer you a good set of features at an affordable price, look no further. It is a simple, yet powerful mixer with good sound quality. The brand Numark is a world’s leading innovator in DJ equipment, and this Numark M6 mixer is exactly a great innovation. Its 4-channels system is good for beginners or for small local performances, outdoor events or birthday parties. Now that you saw most of its pros and cons in this Numark M6 review, you can easily decide if this is the right DJ mixer for you.

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