Numark M2 Review

Numark is a brand that always develops new technologies, innovations, and strategies to improve the mixing experience for DJs. The brand is famous for producing various types of mixers, starting from beginner-level to professional DJs level mixers. If you decide to hit the stage in a Numark style, you should consider buying the Numark M2 mixer, which is exactly the subject of this Numark m2 review. This two-channel DJ mixer is another revolutionary mixer coming from this Brand, from which you will gain really different experience. No matter if you are at an entry-level, or you are a dance club performer, this mixer features most likely will be suitable for all of your needs, and that is the main reason why it’s on the list of best DJ mixers.

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numark m2 black mixer review

Numark M2 review

The price might not be the only important feature that a DJ mixer is offering, but for sure is a thing that everyone will consider before buying one. If you are on a budget or simply you don’t want to spend too much on your mixer, then this is the right mixer for you. This Numark M2 2-channel mixer has a better price than most of the other mixers of the same class.

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Solid input and output sources are one feature this mixer offers. As inputs, you get two phono/line, two line inputs and mic (1/4”). As outputs, what you get is a Master (RCA), Record, and Headphone (1/4” stereo).  Even after a lot of time using it, the input and output slots will be almost the same as in the beginning.

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User reviews show that customers have been quite satisfied with the overall performance. Also the sound quality is good and they didn’t have any issues with the Numark M2 DJ mixer. In this Numark M2 review, we also concluded that you can be sure that it won’t let you down when you need it, no matter that is a small set up mixer. A mic input with dedicated 3-band EQ is really good if you want to spice up the party between mixing different tracks. You get a3-band EQ on each channel and gain, and also a crossfader-reverse option. With the good and simple controls, and with your skills as a good performer, you can easily drive your audience crazy using this Numark M2 mixer.

numark m2 review

Why you should buy it

If you were worried about the bass control, whether the Numark M2 adjusts at too low or at too high, you should know that this is not the case with this mixer. The bass control is just about the right frequency for the most of your needs. Also, you can easily move the sliders for channels 1 and 2, and same applies for the crossfader. You can use the USB output to a desktop computer, laptop or MAC. Even with different OS without worrying whether it will recognize it. The USB connectivity option is great for recording tracks or using your device music software.

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Technical Specifications

  • Inputs: Two phono/line switchable (RCA), two line (RCA), mic (1/4)
  • Outputs: Master, Record, Headphone
  • Three-band EQ and gain on each channel
  • EQ and gain on mic channel
  • Replaceable crossfader with slope-controls
  • Crossfader-style cueing

numark m2


We can conclude that this Numark M2 DJ mixer is a good investment. Its general configuration and controls are quite simple and its usual functions are easily accessible and convenient. We can also say that the sound quality is good. Although it might sound like a pretty basic mixer, it is definitely a decent mixer with a good price for a beginner. Even for a more professional DJ that doesn’t  want to spend too much on a mixer, this mixer that we analyzed in this Numark M2 review, is a great deal.

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