Neumann KH 120 Studio Monitor Review   

Those who like high-quality sound have already heard of the name Neumann. This is a reputable brand which offers high-quality studio monitor speakers. And the same case is with the KH 120 studio monitor too. The quality and the performance they offer are much greater than most of the people’s preferences. Even though this studio monitor is a beast, don’t be scared – we have all the information you might need about it before you make your purchase. They are great for almost everything – from vocal editing to dialog mixing.

The Neumann KH 120 is simply a monitor speaker which inspires excellent work and productivity. The brand is reputable and you should know that you don’t need to expect anything but the best from it. It is as accurate as they get and they simply get the job done the way it is supposed to be done.


  • Perfect precision
  • Excellently flat
  • They have a lot of power
  • The cabinets cannot be damaged


  • Tweeter doesn’t have a long range hiss

Construction and design of the Neumann KH 120 studio monitor

Looking at this studio monitor doesn’t do much for the user. You will be surprised from how average these sound monitors look. They don’t have anything pointing to the fact that they offer impeccable performance and quality too. They almost look like the average budget speaker you find in every market. Still, the more you look into them, the more you will be able to notice subtle pointers to the fact that these aren’t your ordinary speakers. And here is exactly why:

Firstly, the manufacturer built the cabinets using high-quality aluminum. Additionally, it is noticeable that all of the seams and the joints are very close to perfect. For the user and the listener, this means that they don’t give vibrations when you use them. This simple design is what makes sure that the sound is clinically precise. Also, the profile of the waveguides as well as the baffle is simply a result of calculation and precise working.

Additionally, Neumann KH although it looks very average, it is still a sight for sore eyes. The reason for this is the subtle details you can find in them. For example – the metallic grille with the main driver. Asides from protecting the driver, this grille is what gives out the fact that this is a very high-quality studio monitor.

Most important features found on the Neumann KH 120

With great power comes great responsibility is the main thing we have to say about this beast of a studio monitor. If we compare it to other similarly priced monitors, we’d see how many advantages this model has. It offers a better quality of the sound, better performance and it is much more convenient to use them. However, the greatest thing that crushes their competition is the features they incorporated in the KH 120 as well as the process of manufacturing they used.

We have to mention that the speakers are being powered by an analog Class A/B bi-amplifier. This is excellent because it proves once again how powerful Neumann KH 120 actually is. On the same subject, it is safe to note that each one of the speakers has 50 Watts. In total, this is 100 Watts per speaker and it comes at 111.1 dB max SPL. Additionally, audiophiles will be amazed to hear that the amps comfortably crossover at 2.0 kHz at 24 dB/octave.

Moreover, you will find a lot of unique features on the rear panel too. Here is the three-band acoustic control. It also has different sliders for low-mid, trebles and bass. Amazing, right? Well, we have some more info about it. For the convenience of the user, the output level can be adjusted at 1m. This is also the closes that are recommended by Neumann to listen to.

If you need to shape the tone additionally, you can do so. You can use it according to your needs and this is exactly what makes the KH120 a unit to use professionally.

Quality of the KH120 performance

The moment you turn it on, you will notice the type of quality and performance you really have. We are well aware that the market describes a lot of monitors as flat and transparent. Still, the KH 120 of Neumann’s simply changes the game on this subject. Firstly, it has already been tested a lot, and the frequency range on this studio monitor is accurate to a single Hertz.

The case is not much different when we talk about frequency response in different parts of the spectrum. The whole unit has clinical precision, regardless of how impossible it sounds. We believe that it is safe to say that this studio monitor will work perfectly in all sorts of recording studios. However, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to use them as desktop speakers. They will sound perfectly there too, don’t be confused. However, they have so much potential and it is highly suggested to use them to the maximum.

With it, you will be able to create some very serious work. You will not be able to miss a detail, even if you wanted to. All the lows, mids, and highs are well reproduced and they have a warm and natural sound. This set of studio monitors offers excellent features including connectivity and convenience ones and it is why it has an improved performance too.


If you want to get only benefits and almost zero disadvantages, the Neumann KH 120 must be on your shortlist. This is a studio monitor crated with the purpose of satisfying the needs of the pickiest audiophiles in the world. It is an excellent fir for professional recording studios as well as those who like to create high-quality recordings and mixes in their home studios. The reason for this is very obvious – Neumann knows the needs of the audiophiles and they know how to create the clinical precision which is in high demand in today’s market.

So, if you want to be a professional, you must use professional equipment and the Neumann KH 120 is the purchase we suggest you make.

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