Mackie PROFX12V2 Review

The Mackie ProFX series v2 definitely sounds better than ever. The ProFX12V2 mixer offers even more flexibility than other mixers from the ProFX series. Small, compact and efficient is how this pro audio mixer can be described. This Mackie ProFX12 mixer offers 12 inputs, and in spite of all features it offers, it is still very portable and convenient. It is very easy to use and with all the effects this Mackie Pro mixer comes up with, it is great for small performances, solo performers or small party events. Continue reading our Mackie ProFX12V2 review and learn more about the features, pros, and cons of this audio mixer, and you’ll see why it tops our list of best DJ mixers.

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mackie profx12v2 review

Mackie ProFX12V2 review


  • Analog inputs – 12
  • Mic preamps – 6
  • RCA (stereo pair) – 1
  • XLR only jacks – 6
  • Phantom power – Yes (+48V)
  • Headphone – 1
  • Bands per channel – 3
  • Powered – No
  • Main XLR out – 2
  • Main ¼ out – 2
  • Aux XRL – not applicable
  • Reverb – Yes
  • Compression – No
  • Delay – Yes
  • Chorus/flange – Yes
  • Connectivity – USB

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Live applications

This Mackie ProFX12 is the right choice if you plan to go live! You can easily connect your guitar directly, or bass or other instruments. If you are performing in a local small event, or even a bigger one, the chance that you will get a pro sound engineer is low. Therefore, this pro mixer offers a lot of convenient features that will make your performance easier and make you sound great!

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On the master output, there is a 7-band graphic EQ, which is switchable for tuning monitors or mains. Also, you get an aux output for a monitor mix. Also, this Mackie pro mixer comes up with a 3-band EQ on all 3 input channels.

Connections and controls

The Mackie ProFX mixer is certainly easy to use, and its controls are very simple and accurate. It has 8 fader channels which control the 12 inputs of this pro audio mixer. All the channel strips are equipped with a dedicated fader, a mute button, a pan dial, auxiliary monitor and FX dials. The 3-band EQ (80 Hz, 2.5 kHz, 12 kHz) ranges for the low-shelf, mid-range and high-shelf.  Its first 6 stripes feature individual microphone units, and the first strip also has a switchable line/Hi-Z ¼ balanced/unbalanced jack input, and ¼ jack insert input.

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mackie profx12v2


You get 16 very useful effects, that you can easily select and switch between by a simple scrolling dial. This feature is very convenient because you can make the selection even simpler, as you have a numbered list showing each effect next to a simple display with a number of the current effect. Of course, this is a really good way to structure the effects and make them even more usable. You can choose from the Bright room effect, the Warm lounge, Small stage, Warm theatre, Concert hall, Chorus and many more.

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USB connectivity

Although you can use this Mackie pro mixer as a stand-alone mixer, you can also use its USB connectivity feature if you want an expanded functionality. You can easily connect it to your laptop and your performance will gain more flexibility or better performance. Like this, you can record all your performances or simply use this feature during a break to not let the audience waiting and soundless.

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mackie profx12 review


If you read consumer’s reviews on this Mackie audio mixer, all you will read is easy to use, compact, versatile mixer with excellent sound. It has really good features, making it perfect for small outdoor events or even bigger solo performances. The switching is really easy, its effects are great for different events and purposes. The conclusion of this Mackie ProFX12V2 review is that it’s definitely worth the money.

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