JBL Synchros S500 Review

There are certain manufacturers who understand that functionality should come in well-designed packages. If you are one of those people who prefer finding stylish headphones – we guarantee that the JBL S500 Synchros are the ones for you. We simply had to write a JBL Synchros S500 review for you to get the best information about this awesome pair of headphones. Of course, the best headphones in the world don’t exist. However, the best ones for each person are the ones having all the right things that this person needs. Keep on reading to find out why you might want the JBL Synchros S500 for yourself

Main features of JBL Synchros S500

The first thing that comes to be noticed at first sight from these headphones is their design. These headphones come in an excellent package that will simply steal your heart. They are authentic and very stylish. With them, you will be able to express your inner self. Additionally, they are original too. The manufacturer knows how important it is for a user to be happy with a purchase and this is why these headphones feature leather ear cushions. This is what will make you feel completely comfortable while wearing these awesome headphones.

Another thing that we need to mention is the durability. They are made from good materials and yet, they kept the authentic look. You won’t notice any bad effects from using headphones like these. You will be able to carry them around with you without any issues.

Sound Quality JBL Synchros S500

It is obvious that you can expect nothing but high-quality sound when it comes to this manufacturer. Of course, this is the company that has a worldwide reputation for this. They make some of the best sound systems in the world. When it comes to making headphones, they don’t lack experience either. You can feel as if you are at a concert with their headphones- that is for sure. They have this amazing LiveStage digital signal processing technology. Although it looks complicated, it is very easy to use and it is convenient too. In the end, this is what tells JBL apart from any other manufacturer in the world.

You music-listening experience has never been so good and easy. All you need to do when using these headphones is to press the button on the side of the headphone. This is the button that leads you to the world of perfect music. For those who don’t know, the LiveStage tech is a huge breakthrough in acoustics. It uses a binaural digital signal and it recreates the sense of spatial presence. You will feel as if you are right next to the actual music being played.  So, it is safe to say that the LiveStage on JBL makes sure that you get the listening pleasure you deserve. The sound is more than just good. Additionally, it is why you will notice every sound detail and every voice.

JBL Headphones performance

Regardless of what type of music you listen to, you will notice that these headphones are up for the challenge. The performance is probably the most important thing about a pair of headphones. Luckily, the JBL ones don’t lack performance. There are incredible depths and highs on the sound. There is even excellent power and you won’t feel any issues.

Additionally, talking about the performance, we have to note the excellent portability of these headphones. Namely, you can take them basically everywhere. Whenever you are working or you are taking a walk or traveling- they are there for your needs. Having a complete audio spectrum, the balanced audio will sweep you off your feet.

Another thing you should know is that these headphones are powered by two AA batteries. These batteries are meant to help you power your headphones. Of course, lack of power would mean a lack of sound quality. Luckily, this can be avoided because you can use the batteries and they are easily replaceable. Compared to other types of powered headphones, the S500 are there to be helpful, even in passive mode. After all, they feature a passive playback mode. Having this feature means that you can listen to music with your batteries being dead.

However, remember that the LiveStage tech does not work with this feature. If you don’t have a battery, you won’t be able to use the LiveStage tech. Still, the sound is nothing to be disappointed about.

Pros of the JBL S500 Synchros

  • Rich and detailed sound
  • Portable
  • Easy to use system
  • Convenient headphones

Cons of the JBL S500 Synchros

  • Not very comfortable to use for longer periods of time
  • They lack some performance on high-pitched sounds and voices


These headphones have a lot to offer to the everyday audiophile. They even have a detachable cable design. You can use this cable on an iOS 3 button remote or microphone cable as well as the universal three-button remote cable included. In the end, this means that you can use these headphones whenever and wherever you want to. They are as convenient as they get.