Focal Alpha 50 Studio Monitor Review

Those who like and enjoy good music have already heard about Focal. If you haven’t you are in luck because we are here to tell you a few words about them. This is a French-based company which gained its reputation and fame with audiphiles from around the world. The reason for this was of course, their creation of impressive speakers. They offer different products for different needs of people and they seem to satisfy everyone.

With the purpose of satisfying everyone’s needs, they have also created the Alpha series. These studio monitors is what we like to call budget friendly. Of course, this term doesn’t say everything. There is a lot more that comes from these studio monitors asides from them being reasonably priced. They offer a lot of benefits which is why we simply had to write a Focal Alpha 50 review. This might be the studio monitor for you if you know what your needs are and how they can be satisfied. Additionally,  even if you are just an audiophile, you will benefit a lot from having impressive speakers like these ones.


  • Excellent sound clarity
  • Durable construction
  • Good low and high frequencies
  • Incredible connectivity


  • They aren’t very versatile

What to expect from the Focal Alpha 50

A lot of people don’t know what to expect when they are getting budget friendly studio monitors. The reason for this is that some simply aren’t made for that purpose and the buyers end up disappointed with their purchase. In order to avoid this, you must be informed and to know your brand. Luckily for you, you don’t need to worry about this with the Focal Alpha 50. The Alpha series can work nicely as studio monitoring for mixing and recording purposes. Of course, if you compare them to high-end monitors you won’t get the same results, but they offer some decent quality.

So, this means that the overall sound quality is respectable and you should be just fine with thme if you are just starting out. They wont disappoint you either. They have all the accuracy and clarity you need in order to make a professional master mix. Compared to other Alpha models, the 50’s are very detailed and offer some decent sound too. You will be able to notice the difference in the sound from the first time opening them.

Focal Alpha 50 construction and build quality

The Focal Alpha 50 model has a one-inch poly-glass inverted tome tweeters which is excellent to begin with. Additionally, it has poly-glass cone woofers. Compared to the CMS and Passport series by Focal, the tweeters have a lot of similarieites too. However, the difference between them is the 100% aluminum you can find in the Alpha tweeters. The other models have more expenisve alloy but this doesn’t mean that Alpha’s aluminum tweeters lack performnance.

Additionally, the Alpha 50 has some excellent features to start with. It offers 35W amp for its woofer and a 20W amplification for the tweeter which is amazing and it offers excellent performance. Additionally, it has a great frequency response of 45 Hz. You aslo get a deeper bass and the sounds don’t get easily dropped and distorted.

Talking about the build and the design, we have to mention a few things too. Namely, just like it is the case with other monitors, you can find the power switch on the back of the monitor. It is close to the power plug. Although this can be seen as a downside, this isn’t the case in this situation. Namely, at Focal they thought about disorganized people and they put the switch at the top corner. This makes it very easy to reach and you won’t have a problem with that.

Unique features of the Alpha 50 studio monitor

There is something that makes each speaker special, however, it seems that the Alpha 50 offers a lot of benefits to the user. For example, it features a “Sensitivity” switch. It can be found on both of the speakers and with it, you can switch between 0dB for regular using, and you can put it to +6dB when you want to increase the volume and want to hear more and get more details from your work.

Additionally, the Alpha 50 features frequency shelving at 300HZ and it features 4.5 KHz +/- 3dB which is great. This makes sure that you get the best experience as a user too.

Sound Quality of Focal Alpha 50

The best thing about the 50’s is the quality of the sound. Namely, you will be surprised how good the vocals are and how smooth the sound is. Additionally, this excellence is improved by having good acoustics too. It simply sounds natural and it won’t disappoint you. Talking about the quality of the sound, we must mention the clarity. With Alpha 50, you will be able to listen to every single detail in your recording. It offers excellent reproduction and tremendously good clarity. This model is probably the best one from the Alpha series too sound-wise.

Additionally, the 50 doesn’t offer some great volume, but it definitely is satisfactory. Especially if we take into consideration the price range. You will be able to fill a room perfectly fine with the deep and even bass. Of course, we are talking about a room with the size of an average home studio.


We can all easily come to the conclusion that the Focal Alpha 50 is an excellent value for what we pay for it. If we take into consideration the price range, we would see that the performance is way above what anyone would expect. This studio monitor is excellent for a lot of purposes, you can even use them as desktop speakers. Still, they have a lot of potential and you should use them to the maximum. They offer excellent sound quality, performance too. It is simply an excellent purchase you can easily make without overwhelming your own budget.

Also, if you wanted to start recording and if you wanted to learn how, this is the purchase you need to make. These sound monitors will help you get to professional level of mixing and recording, and you will be able to see what mixing and recording really is about with them.

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