The 5 Best DJ Mixers

As we all know, the music is something that keeps the world moving and makes the people feel better. There are thousands of different quotes about the importance of the music, but my favorite is “Music is what feelings sound likes”. Live gigs, party events, concerts or night outs in good discotheques are an imminent part of many people’s lives.

We are all grateful to DJs that give us the opportunity to feel the moment, and mixers are an inevitable part of any DJ setup. The DJ mixer is exactly the device that let different DJs perform many of their great tricks, and make the music performance unforgettable. In general, these mixers can be used for two different purposes. The first one is to make a smooth transition between playing songs at a dance club. And the second one is, to create brand new sounds. So these mixers are not only used in dance clubs, but also for producing new house, electronic dance or another type of music.

Top 5 DJ Mixers

Mackie ProFX12 V2

If you are looking for a compact and efficient mixer, look no further. The Mackie ProFX12 V2 mixer offers you 12 inputs and better portability than ever. It is the best for small events, solo gigs or birthday parties. Versatile mixer with excellent sound, and it’s definitely worth the money.

Numark M6

The Numark M6 USB mixer is great for entry-level DJs that want to have a good set of features at an affordable price. A simple, yet powerful mixer that is great for beginners or small local performances. Its USB connectivity feature is a key characteristic that makes it different, allowing you to easily record your tracks or mix audio from your music-player software.

Behringer DDM4000

The Behringer DDM4000 mixer is convenient and easy to use, that will help you achieve maximum performance and really good sound output. Its controls may scare you at first, but actually, they are positioned quite intuitively. If you are looking for a fully digital mixer, with a great set of features and good price, you can’t go wrong.

Behringer DJX750

Convenience and solid performance are describing perfectly the Behringer DJX750 pro DJ mixer. This mixer will outperform other mixers from its class when speaking about faders. Multi-tasking monitor, great sound quality and multiple inputs are just a few of the many good features you get with this mixer. The stylish black design is just a plus with the Behringer DJX750.

Numark M2

Numark are well-known for revolutionary DJ equipment, and the Numark M2 will for sure provide you different mixing experience than you used to have. This two-channel DJ mixer is quite simple, with pretty basic configuration but yet it is a pretty solid mixer for various purposes. If you are on a budget or simply want a solid but cheap mixer, then this is the right one for you.

How to choose the right kind of mixer to buy

Choosing the perfect mixer for you that will fit your needs it’s not always the easiest thing to do. There are a lot of things that should be considered before actually buying one. If you are an amateur, on the first sight all mixers might look the same, like an airplane control center with a lot of buttons, sliders etc.

The first thing that you should consider is the kind of the mixer you need, analog or digital. If you are a beginner, our advice for you is going with the analog one, as it is simpler and easier to work with. It’s hard to decide which sound output is better, whether analog or digital. The quality of the sound produced and the overall performance, in the end, depends on the skills of the DJ performing.

You should also decide on how many channels do you require. Mixers can have at least 2 channels. For better performance, we recommend going for more channels, 8, 10, 12, 16 or more. Even if you can’t afford them at the beginning, remember that you can always upgrade them later if you need.

Other things that should be considered are of course the brand, quality, and features. There are many different producers, and their mixers vary in price, quality, and performance. So you should have this in mind and always check what exactly you need, and then decide which brand and type suits you the best.

Do you need a carrying case?

Taking care of your DJ mixer between different gigs and during transportation to the place of the event is an extremely important thing to do. Of course, the type of protection depends on the length of the destination, type of vehicle, type of your equipment etc. If you are moving your small sound system and mixer to a nearby location, a simple portable bag may be enough for that purpose.

But if you want to be sure in protecting your mixer and other sound equipment, you have to consider buying a professional equipment bag. As there are many different mixers, there are also many different types of bags, that vary in price, quality, purpose that fit different mixers. On the other side, if you have your mixer only for home purposes, probably you won’t need any carrying case as it will be only waste of your money.

So whether you need a carrying case for your mixer or not, it really depends on the way you are using your DJ mixer.


Mixers are an integral part of every DJ’s setup, without them would be unimaginable to create such smooth transitions between different tracks. There are many different DJ mixers, with many different capabilities, options, and features. You can choose from digital or analog, you can choose the number of channels, what kind of special effects do you need for your gig etc.

Nowadays, there are so many great mixers that make your performance much easier and more convenient, and with all the effects you can make more than a great show. However, in the end, is up to the DJ’s skills and experience how good the show will be and how much the audience will enjoy it. And based on how and what for you are going to use the mixer, you can then decide on the further features and options to choose from.