Behringer DJX750 Review

The Behringer DJX750 DJ mixer is a great combination of a DJ’s intuitive operation and great built-in digital effects. It is a professional 5-channel DJ mixer that produces clean sound for the best dance floor experience. If you are looking for a really good analog DJ mixer for your dance club, look further no more. Multi-tasking monitor, super sound quality, and stylish black design are just a few of the many great characteristics this Behringer DJ mixer offers. For that reason, continue reading this Behringer DJX750 review and find out why this is maybe the best DJ mixer for you. If you don’t want to buy a mixer that you will outgrow in a couple of weeks or months, then you should definitely consider buying exactly this DJ mixer. All of the things below will show you why it’s on our list of best DJ mixers.

behringer pro mixer djx750 review

Behringer DJX750 review

This Behringer pro mixer offers some really great features and benefits, making it worth all the money you will invest in it.

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Multiple inputs

This feature will definitely improve your performance, making it easier, better and more convenient. First, it has a mic channel that is very convenient if you sing, or just to let you make announcements to improve your show between songs. It also offers a vocal fine-tuning, with onboard 3 band EQ.

behringer djx750 review

Its stereo channels’ EQ has frequency centers that lift up to 12 dB and decrease up to -32 dB. This pro mixer’s channels are can handle various different input sources, like Phono, CD, MP3, tape decks etc.    Being such, this pro mixer is not only super adaptable but also very convenient and fun!

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Great sound quality

One thing that is sure is that the sound quality of this Behringer pro mixer is extraordinary! This feature is maybe its best feature, and there is no doubt that makes it even better. ULN (Ultra-low noise) preamps are used so the user will have maximum headroom, very clean, transparent sound and of course, very low noise. We compared this mixer with its competition based on the sound quality, and there is no doubt that definitely is leading. This is the reason why DJs using this Behringer DJX750 mixer are doing their job more than great.

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Multi-tasking monitor

For achieving maximum performance and even more convenience, a multi-tasking monitor is sure a required feature. That’s why you get the best from the Behringer monitor section. You can choose between “Split” position, “Stereo” mode, or you can decide to put the MIX control counterclockwise if you need to hear the PFL signal equally. Also, you get the chance to listen to one or multiple sources, and the source is indicated by a LED light.

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behringer djx750 assessment

Crossfader and Channel effects

The Behringer DJX750 pro mixer definitely outperforms other mixers when speaking about its faders. Its faders are of the high-grade 45 mm ultraglide variety. They have a 500,000 life cycles expectancy, which is exactly why these faders outperform other standard faders. Also, the crossfader is using voltage controlled amp (VCA) technology, so the result is almost no audio noise produced by this mixer. And customized crossfading is another thing you can set if that is what you wish with this Behringer pro mixer.

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Technical specifications

  • Channels Qty – 5-Channel
  • Frequency response – 10Hz – 55kHZ
  • Control Types – faders, knobs
  • Headphones output – Yes
  • Meter Indicator – LED level meters
  • Features – BPM counter, VCA faders, headphone output volume control, headphone source select switch, microphone talk-over function
  • Warranty – 3 Years

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Final words

The Behringer pro mixer which we have reviewed it in this Behringer DJX750 review, is a pretty good choice to make if you are looking for a convenient and pretty solid DJ mixer. The overall performance is really great and the quality of the sound is outperforming many of its competition mixers, so we definitely recommend it.

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