Behringer DDM4000 Review

The Behringer brand is famous for their Swiss quality, great set of different music products and sales-network in more than 130 countries in the world. The consumers rate their products and mixers as one of the best on the market, which is another proof why this brand is so famous. The Behringer DDM4000 DJ mixer might scare you when you first see it, with all of its buttons and multi-function monitor. However, if you are looking for a really professional mixer that will help you achieve super performance, continue reading this Behringer DDM4000 review. There are many different Behringer reviews online, but we chose to evaluate exactly this Behringer mixer for all the extra functions this mixer is offering to you, and it easily made it on the list of best DJ mixers.

Behringer ddm4000 review

First, in this Behringer DDM4000 review, we will start with its main features and continue evaluating all the other technical specifications.

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Behringer DDM4000 review

The Behringer DDM4000 controls are positioned quite intuitively, so for all DJs even without that big experience, it will be convenient and quite easy to use it. Its manufacturer added extra controls and features than what you usually see on a mixer, so this is the reason why for a moment it might look frightening. It is a fully digital mixer, making all the performance easy by using only a few chips, while offering so many great features.

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No matter what your needs are, and what do you wish to connect, this Behringer mixer will sure be able to satisfy your needs. You have 4 input channels, and each of them supports two devices that can be plugged at the same time. Also, you will get a one line-level and a phone-level, and 2 XLR mic inputs. One of the mic inputs is a with a 3-band EQ, and effects. A full complement of MIDI connectors is another great feature that will let you control your DJ equipment and simply sync your instrument.

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For the outputs, you will receive two XLR connectors, each with RCA connectors (and you can control them separately).

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All the controls and the overall layout of this mixer will give you a feeling of convenience and ease. The crossfader is positioned at the bottom center, mic controls are laid out on the top left, master controls on the top right. Even the extra buttons and controls won’t disturb you because the layout of this Behringer mixer is simply incredible. Although other Behringer reviews show that also the other mixers from this brand are extra, there is something special and unique about this one.

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The mic section of the Behringer DDM4000 looks similar to other mixers, but when you press the Mic Setup button, you will then realize how much you can adjust the settings for microphones. Behringer was famous for producing live mixing consoles before it started with DJ mixers, and that is the reason for the extra mic features and settings. You can choose from different effects, frequencies, panning and other different mic section features.

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It is very clear that you can make very different adjustments on this Behringer mixer. You can adjust the lag time and overall volume, and also the brand makes it even more convenient for you. Simply by pressing the user setting button you can easily save the configuration and save time on new configuration over and over.

Sound quality

User reviews have rated the Behringer DDM4000 sound quality as good. When you enable the, you might hear a slight constant whine, but this is adjustable with the mic EQs. Its line inputs make a small noise, while the dedicated line inputs are even quieter. However, the phono inputs make more noise, but actually, when they are connected to a turnable, they are quite quiet. Even so, like in the most of the Behringer reviews, the noise analysis is academic, so in reality, the internal noise is quite lower.

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To sum up

This Behringer DDM4000 mixer is really a good package. It is offering you a set of really useful features,  and you can easy use its controls. There is no need to worry about its weight – this is a pretty light weight mixer, but that isn’t related to the actual power and performance. It comes up at an affordable price, and for that price, you get a pretty solid mixer. If you use analog sources like turntables or iPods on most of your performances, then this is just the right mixer for you. You can be sure that it won’t let you down and you will be able to plug all your sources. So if you were in doubts because of the many different Behringer reviews, you can now easily choose exactly this mixer.

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