Alesis Elevate 5 Studio Monitor Review

In order to have a good home-recording studio, you must have a good studio monitor. Of course, this cannot be achieved by having headphones in all cases. Sometimes, you need to listen to every single detail you can find on the track. Also, in order to have positive results with your mixes, you must be very detail-oriented. In order to achieve this and thus, positive results, a well-functioning studio monitor is a must. The best thing about the Alesis Elevate 5 studio monitors is exactly this – it lets you create good work.

Also, you can use them as computer loudspeakers which is just another benefit from them. In the following text, we are going to focus on the most important things about these studio monitors. In the end, you might turn out to find them as a perfect fit for your needs. So, sit back and relax and find out why the Elevate 5 might be a good monitor for you.


  • Excellent amount of power
  • Transparent performance
  • Quality construction
  • Simple design


  • In some cases shallow frequency range

Overall quality and performance of the Alesis Elevate 5 active monitors

A lot of people have issues when it comes to the ports. Luckily for them, this 5-inch woofer ported speaker has two small ports facing the front. Namely, a lot of experts prefer frontal delivery of ported sound. So, if you are looking for a good studio monitor having the previous into consideration, the Elevate 5 is the choice for you. These powered desktop studio speakers are excellent because they offer high quality. Also, they have a lot of advantages for your recording purposes.

They can be used by consumers and for studio purposes because of this. Namely, they don’t have perfect speaker placement frequency control and they somewhat lack bi-amping. However, if you have a home studio, this will not be a problem. They can do just fine for your needs if you do your recording at home.

They have a good construction which makes them sturdy and durable. This means that they don’t get damaged easily too. Also, if you have them at your home, in some cases it means that you might need to relocate them. This won’t be a problem because the construction is good and they are nicely built.

Setting up and using the Elevate 5

Just like it is the case with a lot of other budget-friendly monitors, these studio monitors come in a pair. They have connections and controls on just one of the speakers and there is a single cable connecting it to the remote speaker. In the case of the Elevate 5, the right speaker is the main one, while the remote one is the left one. Still, if you are worried about this, you shouldn’t be. You can easily switch places if your outlet is on the other side. All you need to do is to reverse the right and left input connections.

Talking about the inputs, we have other info to share with the potential buyer. Namely, the inputs are adequate and do the job accordingly. For example, the RCA and the 1/4 – inch phone plugs are excellent and to the job properly. Also, the ¼ inch plugs are well-balanced which means that in the end, the Elevate 5 can be used for a studio monitor for home purpose. The same situation is with the two-conductor power cable. Also, it features a polarized connection which is great too.

However, it is important to note that the Elevate 5 does not feature other inputs. Namely, it doesn’t have some great connectivity features. It doesn’t have a 1/8-inch plug, Bluetooth connectivity or USB connectivity.

Quality of the sound

The quality of the sound is the most important thing you need in a studio monitor in order to make great mixes. Of course, you need to be able to notice all the details to know that your mix is flawless. Luckily for you, the Elevate 5 offers a spectacular sound. Of course, if we take into consideration that it is a 5-inch woofer system, there is a lot of output. Another thing you need to know about this matter is that this studio monitor features a continuous rating of 40 watts. Although it is not a big number, it doesn’t lack quality at all. There is sufficient sound and it is of good quality too.

If you have a studio at home, you would be able to record without any issues. Namely, the sound is great and very useful for different projects. Especially if you know that the Elevate 5 also features a two-conductor 1/8 inch plug. Although there isn’t any bi-amping, there aren’t crossovers between the tweeters and the woofers.

You should also know a few things about the stereo imaging. First off, it is safe to say that the imaging is decently pronounced as well as the upper midrange and the clarity. The sounds that are at higher frequencies also have great crisp character. You will be able to hear everything. However, on the lower frequencies, you might notice some unclear moments. Still, the fact that the bass and kick drums are very distinct and this makes up for it too.

Quality of Elevate 5’s construction and build

The design is something we all like in a different way, however, there are certain things we all demand. For example, the Elevate 5 has a solid build. This means that it doesn’t get damaged easily. Additionally, the design is made in a certain way to ensure better experience and convenience.

For this reason, the manufacturer made sure that the level control knob is placed on the front of the right cabinet. Also, here is the 1/8 inch TRS headphone jack. You will spend no time going around the cables to do everyday tasks with your studio monitor.

Lastly, the fact that the Elevate 5 looks a lot more luxurious than what you pay for, we’d say that the contemporary look with the low sheen vinyl and high gloss plastic on the MDF construction is simply excellent. If you want to have a stylish and well-working home-recording studio, we’d definitely suggest the Alesis Elevate 5 for your next purchase.


Getting the Alesis Elevate 5 is a great purchase for home studios and for beginners. This studio monitor has the features to offer for the right set of customers. After all, it is a good and smart investment and with it you will enjoy making some quality mixes.

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