Alesis Elevate 3 Studio Monitor Review

It is a well-known fact that Alesis has been creating and offering studio monitors for a very long time. Specifically, they’ve been on the market for more than a quarter-century. During this time, they have managed to learn a lot of things about sonic clarity and making the most out of each sound. Additionally, they have been using some high-end tech in the process of making their studio monitors. Namely, they are using the tech from Monitor One as well as M1Active – their award-winning speakers.

This is the same reason why they made the Elevate series so powerful and helpful to the everyday audiophile. Namely, the Elevate 3 studio monitors are excellent for those who seek to improve their overall mobile or computer device experiences. They took the excellent designing technique they are known for and they implemented it in the Elevate 3 model. This, of course, resulted in a natural and accurate sound which isn’t affected by the volume or the frequency content.

Overall quality and performance on the Alesis Elevate 3 model

The best thing that Elevate 3 speakers offer is the impeccable sound. Without paying too much for it, the buyer gets impressive quality. The sound is full-ranged and it has impeccable quality. Also, this is true regardless of the type of the mix, master, and other multimedia content. Additionally, the sound is very warm and well detailed. This means that the user will have a crystal clear view of each sound and each detail in it. This means that you as a home-recorder can be able to see exactly what you have created.

Talking about the performance, we cannot help but notice that the Elevate 3 studio speakers are equipped with 3-inch woofers which are very powerful. Additionally, the Elevate 3 model features a wood cabinet which makes sure that the resonance which has a negative effect on the clarity is suppressed. Also, it features one-inch silk-dome tweeters which offer a crisp sound. Additionally, this means that the lows are full and the highs are very clean. This also means that the stereo image is perfectly precise.

On the other hand, we have to mention the internal amplifier on the Elevate 3 model. This one is designed accordingly as well as it is equalized. It works in accordance with the drivers on the unit and it results in excellent impact as well as an output capability.

The last thing we must mention here is the convenience for the user. Of course, we are talking about an eased operation for all users. Regardless of who they are – professionals or beginners, they will have an excellent time with it. This is why the knob for on, off and volume control is located on the front panel of the speaker. Additionally, this means that regardless of how organized you are, you won’t have to worry about the ease of operation on this speaker. The knob on the right speaker’s front panel is there to help you save some time and nerves too.


  • This studio monitor is worth the money
  • It has an excellent linear response in mid and high-frequency ranges
  • Excellent amount of power which also improves performance
  • Good quality of the construction


  • Looks a bit bulky


If we compare it to other speakers which can be found at similar prices, we would notice several things design-wise. First of all, the Alesis Elevate 3 might be a bit crude and bulky for certain people’s needs. However, this is the case rarely. In other cases, they look very good aesthetically and they fit into different environments easily.

The more important thing about their design is the quality of the materials used in it. For example, in the case of Elevate 3, the cabinets are of standard MDF design. This also means that they do offer a decent quality and some resistance to external impacts. It isn’t recommended to move them around very often, but if you do, you won’t damage them easily.

It seems that Alesis had fun when they worked on improving the standard black box speaker. This is why, now the Elevate 3 has a very cool, stylish and modern look. For this reason, they have added luxuriously-looking plastic rings around the 3” drivers. This also improves the aesthetics found in these speakers.

Additionally, Alesis made sure to design both speakers by porting them to the rear. This adds to the design subject as well as the convenience of use one too.

Most important features on Elevate 3

You need to know that the Elevate 3 set is a two-way speaker set which packs 60 Watts of power. Additionally, as we said before, the speakers come with 3” drivers and 1” silk-dome tweeter on top of them. The tweeter is placed in a horn which adds to the functionality and it helps when the sound is being channeled.

In order to improve the convenience for the users, Alesis made sure that the configuration of the ports on the back is very basic and easy to understand. You don’t need to be a professional to figure it out either.

We also must mention the subject of connectivity. With Elevate 3, you get RCA inputs with the passive speaker out as well as a 1/8” stereo/sub output. The most interesting part about them is, of course, the Bass Boost switch. This switch makes sure that you get an extra range in the lower frequencies too. Additionally, this model has a magnetic shielding. This means that you can easily use them around computer monitors and similar equipment without causing any damage.


If you want to get excellent range and clarity for your studio, the Elevate 3 is surely a good way to go. Anyone would be impressed to get such good mids and trebles for a studio monitor at this price range. If you want to achieve bare-bones monitoring, you will be amazed how these studio monitors perform. They don’t have a lot of features, but the ones they do have are excellent and will make your life a lot easier too.

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