LSTN Headphone Review

Hear hear – the latest LSTN headphone review is here. This is something you must remember to read when you are making a headphone purchase. After all, the key to being a satisfied customer is to make sure that you know everything there is about said product. This way, you are more likely to get exactly what you expect and you won’t end up disappointed either.

Luckily for you, regardless of what you expect – with the LSTN headphones, you simply cannot be disappointed. They have so many excellent features which are likely to sweep you off your feet. From the first time listening to music using these headphones, you will notice a huge difference. Not every manufacturer on the market can offer such headphones. Still, LSTN means something in the audio industry. Both professionals and audio amateurs can find the perfect products for their needs from this manufacturer. Keep on reading to find out why you must think about getting some LSTN headphones for personal uses.

Benefits of having the LSTN headphones

  • Impeccable performance
  • The cable is removable
  • They fit easily on the ear and on the head
  • Inline remote mic and contour
  • Clear sounds – including high sounds
  • Powerful bass

Cons of having the LSTN headphones

  • Poor visual design and crispness of the sound

Things you should know about the LSTN Fillmore headphones

As we said before, an LSTN product is never a bad choice. Still, there are certain things which you need to have in mind when you make a purchase. As we said before, these headphones offer performance like you’ve never seen before. They are agile and easy to use. Regardless of how good you are at handling headphones, you will easily find your way around with these ones. Additionally, asides from being good on your nerves, they are good on your body. They are very comfortable to use and they have an easy fit on the ears for a pair of headphones at this price range.

They have an excellent bass response too. Of course, the most recognizable signature you have from LSTN is the balance of the sound. These headphones don’t lack this either. You pay so little and you get a sound which is so close to perfection.  However, remember that even if these headphones feature wood panels, they have flaws in the visual design. In the end, this would make these headphones perfect for personal use. However, if you are a purist, you will notice that you need more sound crispness.

LSTN creates affordable headphones. The also use claimed wood for design accents. This is exactly why this pair of headphones is very lightweight and it is so comfortable. It also has an unexpectedly powerful bass response for its price and size.


One thing is sure, you will love the look of these headphones. Nothing is bad about the reclaimed wood panels which are found on each of the ear cups. Additionally, it is noticeable that you can fund these headphones in Beech Wood, Cherry, and Ebony Wood. Of course, they also have the amazing LSTN logo which speaks for the quality of these headphones.

What makes these headphones special is the plush in them. This is exactly why they are very comfortable to use and wear. Even if you wear them for hours – you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. Both the earpads and the frame are comfortable and can be easily fitted on anyone’s head.

LSTN headphones performance

You would be surprised by the type of performance you get in these headphones. This statement is especially true if you take into consideration their price and their size. They have a very healthy bass response. Another thing that you should know about them is that you get the lows with excellent power and definition.

Even if you like listening to music at highest listening levels which are unsafe, these headphones will never distort on deep bass tracks. However, in some cases, they might seem like they will distort. Still, all in all, there isn’t distortion.

The sound quality is impeccable too. You will notice how the high-mid presence is plentiful for these headphones. You can see how good they are from the moment you use them for the first time. They have an excellent sound and it is well-detailed too. With these headphones, you will be able to go into your world of favorite music and leave the reality behind for a while. Even if you are purist, you will be surprised by the sound quality and detail found in these headphones.