AKG K553 Review

AKG is a very well-known headphone manufacturer. They’ve been on the market for a long time and they’ve built a reputation of delivering quality and affordable headphone options. This has been the case with headphones like the K550 and the K267. These two got great recommendations from the audio community. Just when you think, things can’t get any better, AKG drop the K553! Want to know what are the good things and the bad things about this model? Stay tuned and keep on reading our article.

Build and Design

Let’s start the review with the way AKG build and designed this model. The K553 is a combination of durability and comfort. It has an aluminum frame with a plush right under it, for added comfort. Your ears will fit perfectly inside the pads. They are extremely soft and plush. Combined with the aluminum frame it gives a comfortable and solid headset. Furthermore, the K553 has a lengthy cable cord, which will give you more space to maneuver and increase your mobility. The cable is about 9ft long, guaranteeing you all the space you’ll ever need from a piece of headphones.

That has the build and design covered, moving on with our review.

Sound Impressions


The bass on this piece of headphones is top of the notch, considering the price/performance ratio. It is super smooth, giving off a feeling of relaxation. If you are the type of person that just wants to sit back and relax, while maintaining a balance between the bass impact and the sense of clarity, then this set is definitely for you.

As a matter of fact, it seems like the guys at AKG wanted to send out a message with this model. It’s as if this model is that one model you use to chill out with. Get your sunglasses and crack open a bottle of beer with.


After concluding that the bass on the AKG K553 headphones is amazing, we can safely say that the mids are at the same level as well. The K553 will give you a whole new experience from a vocal point of view. In addition to the smooth and soothing bass, the K553, kicked things up a notch in terms of making this model as chill as possible. Offering you a fantastic appeal in the mid-range while at the same time maintaining a perfect balance. Everything is in perfect order, like a group of well-trained soldiers standing in a straight line.


Some might say that this part is the weak link in of the three (bass, mids, treble), but others beg to differ.  If you listen to things closely, by now you’d hear that these headphones are perfectly balanced. Everything is in order, so naturally, the treble stands right there in line with the chill base and the relaxed midrange.

So taking all of the things into perspective, we can safely say that this model offers a perfectly balanced sound. Providing you with that chill and relax feeling that most of us can really use.

Imaging and Tone

The AKG K553 fulfilled the expectations of the staging prowess in this piece of headphones. AKG is a very well-known when it comes to this kind of quality in headphones. Especially if we are dealing with affordable, budget or mid-price range models. AKG is also known for their typical sound quality, offering lots of light, width and aired out a feeling of imaging. In addition, it provides good separation of instruments from right to left.

Once you get the AKG K553, you’ll notice that you will get your hands on a very capable imaging experience. Furthermore, you won’t be needing any USB Dacs, or any sorts of special amplifiers to make the most of the sound.

But like we mentioned before, this model is a very well balanced model in terms of sounds and tones. Everything is in perfect balance, so don’t expect much if you try to alter this. You’ll just upset the balance and ruin the perfect and chill vibe that this set has to offer you.

Final Thoughts

The K553 is a great headphone model. It offers a perfect balance of sound. Some say that this is AKG’s “sit back and relax” model. You’ll know what they mean by this, once you put them on and start listening. If you feel like you’re a “sit back and relax” type of person, we strongly recommend this model to you.

In addition, the K553 is durable and at the same time comfortable model. You’ll enjoy hours of music and you’ll wear them around without a care in the World. On top of that, they are really affordable and have a great price to performance ratio. It is a highly recommended model by the audio community.